Gabi Fulk
Gabi Fulk
Year: FY
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Why Trinity?

  • The academics and being able to continue diving

Why swimming/diving?

  • I did a couple of summers of rec diving and then joined the club team when I was 10

Most memorable competitive achievement?

  • 3x State Qualifier

Favorite team experience in your college swimming/diving career?

  • Team river floating trip in september

Favorite event?

  • 1 meter and back twisters

How old were you when you began competitive swimming?

  •  10 years old

Name of your first swim team:

  • Clavadistas del Sol

Greatest source of inspiration?

  •  My family

Favorite spectator sport?

  •  Hockey and Baseball

Favorite psych-up song and/or singer/group?

  • The Man by The Killers